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19 LRS Icons

Duc de Beaufort[10-14]
Le Roi[15-19]
[19] TOTAL


El rey no es muerto!Collapse )

52 RJ and SW

Icontest Entries [10]
Iconchallenge Entries [10]

[20-45]ReJ (French Musical Version)
Iconchallenge Entries [16]
Characters or Groups [08]
Quotes [02]

[46-52]Sith Code
Quotes [07]


CRAP LOADCollapse )

10_lyricons || Pocahontas || Pocahontas

Iconartist: akina_otani @ cananada_icons
Subject: Pocahontas
Number of Icons: Dix/Dix
Lyrics: "Portrait of a Girl" from: BARE: A Pop Opera
Set: Watanuki [September]
Credits: Resource List
It's Daring You to FallCollapse )

swsaga100 || Attack of the Clones

Subject: Attack of the Clones
Batch: #4 [100/100] COMPLETE!
Themes: 76-100 [1-100]
+Bases: vadersangel, angeldesoir, dj_capslock, deadbetty, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here, Here
+Brushes: discordandnight, ohfreckle, anais_dirge, Here

83. 96. 100.

Knerds Only!Collapse )

Le Roi Soleil Icons

Got a batch of 17 Le Roi Soleil Icons:

+Please comment: Comments son amor!
+If snagging: please credit me akina_otani or cananada_icons but I won't hunt you down and kill you if you don't
+Like my work, feel free to friend me ^.^ I don't turn down anyone.

Characters en le Spectacle:
[04] Le Duc de Beaufort
[05] Isabelle
[04] Monsieur
[02] Le Roi (Louis XIV) et Marie Mancini
Actresses en Costume:
[01] Lysa Ansaldi
[01] Cathialine Andria

PREVIEW: 1. 2.

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